Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)


6 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2021
Commitments and Contingencies Disclosure [Abstract]  



Except for normal operating leases, the Company is not currently subject to any material commitments.


From time to time, the Company is involved in various litigation matters involving claims incidental to its business and acquisitions, including employment matters, acquisition related claims, patent infringement and contractual matters, among other issues. While the outcome of any such litigation matters cannot be predicted with certainty, management currently believes that the outcome of these proceedings, including the matters described below, either individually or in the aggregate, will not have a material adverse effect on its business, results of operations or financial condition. The Company records reserves related to legal matters when losses related to such litigation or contingencies are both probable and reasonably estimable.


In August 2014, Pointer do Brasil Comercial Ltda. (“Pointer Brazil”) received a notification of lack of payment of VAT tax (Brazilian ICMS tax) in the amount of $209, plus $1,443 of interest and penalty, totaling $1,652 as of June 30, 2021. The Company is vigorously defending this tax assessment before the administrative court in Brazil, but in light of the administrative and judicial processes in Brazil, it could take up to 14 years before the dispute is finally resolved. In case the administrative court rules against the Company, the Company could claim before the judicial court, an appellate court in Brazil, a substantial reduction of interest charged, potentially reducing the Company’s total exposure. The Company’s legal counsel is of the opinion that the chance of loss is not probable and for this reason the Company has not made any provision.


In July 2015, Pointer Brazil received a tax deficiency notice alleging that the services provided by Pointer Brazil should be classified as “telecommunication services” and therefore Pointer Brazil should be subject to the state value-added tax. The aggregate amount claimed to be owed under the notice was approximately $11,095 as of June 30, 2021. On August 14, 2018, the lower chamber of the State Tax Administrative Court in São Paulo rendered a decision that was favorable to Pointer Brazil in relation to the ICMS demands, but adverse in regards to the clerical obligation of keeping in good order a set of ICMS books and related tax receipts. The remaining claim after this administrative decision is $189. The state has the opportunity to appeal to the higher chamber of the State Tax Administrative Court. The Company’s legal counsel is of the opinion that it is probable that the Company will prevail, and that no material costs will arise in respect to these claims. For this reason, the Company has not made any provision.