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I.D. Systems Unveils Two New Wireless Asset Management Solutions at ProMat

CHICAGO, Jan. 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- At the ProMat material handling exhibition, which commenced here today at the McCormick Place Convention Center, I.D. Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: IDSY) introduced two new RFID-based applications to augment its patented Wireless Asset Net(R) resource management system.

The Wireless Asset Net improves productivity in manufacturing and distribution environments by establishing accountability for use of equipment, ensuring equipment is in the proper place at the right time, streamlining work flow through automated messaging, and providing management with unique metrics on -- and controls over -- equipment utilization. The system also impacts equipment maintenance efficiency and workplace safety.

The first new application I.D. Systems is introducing at ProMat is a wireless battery swap and asset management system for industrial vehicles. This system -- developed for C&D Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of motive power systems for industrial trucks -- is designed to improve productivity and reduce capital costs for manufacturing and distribution facilities that utilize multiple batteries for each industrial vehicle. Specifically, the system will integrate automated battery change management, in-depth battery and charger data collection, and advanced management tools for remote system monitoring and analysis. I.D. Systems and C&D Technologies expect these functions will provide users with many benefits, including:

     -- more efficient battery swaps, at the optimal frequency, to reduce
        vehicle/operator down time and increase productivity;
     -- more timely, detailed battery/operator usage data to enable management
        to right-size its battery fleet and reduce capital costs;
     -- improved visibility of, and control over, battery temperature and
        depth-of-discharge data to extend battery life and further reduce
        capital costs.

I.D. Systems' second new application unveiled at ProMat -- called OptiKan(TM) -- is an optimized, wireless, electronic "kanban" system. "Kanban" refers to a method of signaling for parts replenishment on an assembly line, popularized by Japanese automobile manufacturers to achieve "just in time" production efficiencies. The RFID-based OptiKan(TM) system is designed to eliminate dependence on line-of-sight parts replenishment calls, thereby optimizing material handling efficiency by reducing vehicle travel and eliminating unnecessary down time. The system is also designed to provide more dynamic, intelligent allocation of tasks to the material handling workforce that feeds the assembly line, which can both increase the timeliness and accuracy of parts replenishment and significantly reduce indirect labor costs.

One key component of the OptiKan(TM) system is the Line Asset Communicator(TM), a wireless messaging device that triggers automatic, real- time task requests via radio frequency. The requests roll automatically to the material handling resource that (1) has been designated as capable of performing the work requested, (2) is available for work at the moment of request, and (3) is physically closest to the site where the work must be performed. The Line Asset Communicator(TM) is the latest in a series of I.D. Systems asset management products that includes the Vehicle Asset Communicator(R) and Machine Asset Communicator(TM).

I.D. Systems' OptiKan(TM) wireless parts replenishment system will be deployed initially by a major automotive manufacturer in the United States.

SOURCE I.D. Systems, Inc.