Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Revenue Recognition - Schedule of Deferred Revenue (Details)

Revenue Recognition - Schedule of Deferred Revenue (Details) - USD ($)
Sep. 30, 2019
Dec. 31, 2018
Deferred costs $ 3,868,000 $ 3,660,000
Deferred revenue 17,114,000 17,088,000
Less: Current portion 8,095,000 7,902,000
Deferred revenue - less current portion 9,019,000 9,186,000
Deferred Sales Commissions to Employees [Member]    
Deferred costs 748,000 585,000
Deferred Revenue - Other [Member]    
Deferred revenue [1] 272,000 305,000
Deferred Maintenance and SaaS Revenue [Member]    
Deferred revenue [1] 4,815,000 4,607,000
Deferred Logistics Visibility Solutions Product Revenue [Member]    
Deferred revenue [1] $ 12,027,000 $ 12,176,000
[1] We record deferred revenues when cash payments are received or due in advance of our performance. For the three- and nine-month periods ended September 30, 2018 and 2019, we recognized revenue of $2,434,000 and $9,325,000, respectively, and $3,306,000 and $9,544,000, respectively, that was included in the deferred revenue balance at the beginning of each reporting period. We expect to recognize deferred revenue as revenue before year 2024, when we transfer those goods and services and, therefore, satisfies our performance obligation to the customers. We do not separately account for activation fees since no good or service is transferred to the customer. Therefore, the activation fee is included in the transaction price and allocated to the performance obligations in the contract and deferred/amortized over the life of the contract.